Flood Risk Assessment

We are a small and well established UK (14+ years) flood risk assessment company that offers a professional flood risk assessment consulting service at economic rates. We pride ourselves on being market leaders on fees, service and success rate.

Flood Risk Assessment Gloucester EyeFlood Risk Assessment

We are proud to say we were selected and carried out the flood risk assessment for the London Eye. Continue…

Flood risk assessment services


We’ve done 1300+ assessments

NEW: Extensions – results within 5 days

Extensions, including conservatories as well, are looked upon as a minor development with the National Planning Policy Framework …

Standard flood risk assessment

Standard flood risk assessment with a site survey using ordnance datum and flood information.

Flood risk assessment planning appeal

Detailed challenge to the environment agency’s flood mapping.

Flood level and flood pathway flood risk assessment

Ascertain flood level and pathway for when information is not available for an FRA.

Sustainable drainage report

Reports showing sustainable drainage is achievable.

Fast track flood risk assessment report

For clients facing a deadline which could put their planning application at risk.

Groundwater investigation

Groundwater levels and testing the permeability the ground.

Scoping reports for development

Conceptual flood risk and sustainable drainage analysis.

Extensions – results within 5 days

Extensions, including conservatories as well, are looked upon as a minor development with the National Planning Policy Framework.

Flood map challenge

Environment mapping and data is examined for it’s veracity.

David EggletonDavid Eggleton (MD)

The reason we have such a high success rate is that we our diligent in our duty of care to the client. This is proved by so many of them coming back to us for further work and also recommending us to other clients.

Why you need a flood risk assessment consultant.

Increasingly the flood risk assessment is becoming a major piece of the planning jigsaw, interlocking with all the other planning procedures to ensure the presentation of a successful planning application.

Just as planning consultants are commissioned to head up planning applications, because of their expertise, the same is true for a Flood Risk Assessment. Talk to the experts – use their specialist knowledge and just as important – their contacts to handle the complex question of overcoming flood risk problems. Or, proving that there is not a flood risk problem.

And this at a time when you think you have done all the work to pursue a successful planning permission for yourself or your client. Then you are told by the planners – please provide a flood risk assessment. Otherwise you won’t get your planning permission. It can lead to weeks – even months of frustration, while your application lies gathering dust on the shelf of the planning authority.

Back up services for flood risk assessment.

We provide all back up services for flood risk assessment. Levels surveys to ordnance datum, drilling rigs for in-­depth groundwater investigation, specialised equipment for permeability testing, plans for building foundation works. So in one call you can cover everything you need.

A flood risk assessment track record you can trust.

We aim to save you money, time and provide a top-notch flood risk assessment service. 5 reasons to use our services:

  1. There’s a 99% chance your flood risk assessment will be successful.
  2. Our fast track reports will help to meet your planning deadlines.
  3. We offer a complete end to end package and deal with the environment agency on your behalf.
  4. Our knowledge of the national planning policy framework, the environment agency and DEFRA are exhaustive.
  5. We know this business inside out and back to front.

Who else uses UK flood risk assessment?

From individuals, to small companies, to national companies, to government, our consultancy services and expertise have been are called on from all over the UK. Check out a few of the groups we’ve worked with.

  • Supermarkets
  • Housing estate development
  • University and college works
  • Sports stadia, including racecourses
  • Work for the major institutions
  • Factory and commercial developments
  • Town expansion
  • Water parks
Any other questions we can answer?

We do whatever it takes to make sure our service and reputation is the best in the business. Fast, friendly, knowledgable, and always professional. Email us now or call David Eggleton on 01452 730 818.

We’ve done 1300+ assessments. 99% success rate.